Romy Greham
Pastoral Counsellor

Romy graduated from her degree in Mater Dei Institute of Education in 2016. Romy then completed a masters in chaplaincy and pastoral care with a 2.1 degree in 2018. Romy also teaches English and Religion and is the Pastoral Counsellor at Ashfield College. Teaching for over 4 years now Romy is kind, caring and passionate and builds excellent rapport with all students. Romy takes a holistic approach to education and does her best to foster each student with care and confidence to help them reach their highest potential. As Pastoral Counsellor Romy aims to “be present” for the students and aid them along their journey in Ashfield. Care doesn’t stop at the student however and Romy’s door is always open to parents to address any concerns they may have.

John O’Keeffe
Careers Consultant

John O’Keeffe is a Criminologist, Forensic Psychologist and a broadcaster.  He is graduate of University College Dublin, UWE Bristol, London Met University and Cambridge University where he is a life member of Homerton College. He also holds a Doctoratus in Gister Studiorum (ad eundem Cantab.) from Trinity College, Dublin.

Dr Finian Fallon
Mindfulness Counsellor

Dr Finian Fallon is an IACP accredited psychotherapist. He holds a first class honours BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Masters in Addiction Studies. Finian is completing a Doctorate in Psychotherapy at Dublin City University. He works in his private clinic on Kildare Street and is also employed on a helpline service.

Career Guidance Ashfield College

Career Guidance

Our fully qualified and highly experienced Career Guidance Counsellor, Moya McDowell is available to provide advice and direction to our all our students throughout the year.

One-to-one Career Guidance

Students are encouraged to make as many ‘one-to-one’ career guidance meetings as they need. At these meetings we explore career opportunities and discuss the student’s aspirations for third-level education. Our aim is to help our students make informed decisions about their future career and life. Parents and guardians are invited to participate in these meetings if they wish. Continuous assistance is provided throughout the CAO application process.

Reasonable accommodations

Many students who enter our 6th year programme may already be in a situation where their previous school has submitted an application to the State exams Commission. If this is not the case, or you are joining Ashfield College in 5th year, our Guidance team will aid you in applying for any reasonable accommodations for which you may be entitled. Reasonable accommodations typically include spelling and grammar waivers, separate centres, using a reader, laptop, scribe etc.

Gym & Fitness

Physical Well-being

We actively encourage our students to look after their physical health. Ashfield College offers special gym membership rates for our students, with FlyeFit, less than 500m from the building.

Our students can avail of spin classes and circuit training, before and after school. We believe this helps with focus and managing stress, especially close to exam time.

Along with a range of fitness classes, full induction training on all the equipment is provided by qualified FlyeFit instructors.

Public Talks

Ashfield College hosts several Public Talks through the year aimed at guiding parents through the Leaving Cert year and beyond.

Understanding the CAO System & Career Choices

Ashfield College runs a series of CAO talks in the first term of each year. Students and parents are encouraged to attend one of these talks, which are intended to demystify the CAO application process and answer any questions students and parents may have in advance of making the student making their college application in February.

Understanding the Teenage Mind

A Renowned Psychologist and parenting expert hosts public talks through the year aimed at helping parents to understand the teenage mind and how to help your teenager succeed in life.

Mindfulness and Well-being Seminars

Throughout the academic year, Psychotherapist Dr Finian Fallon delivers weekly Mindfulness and Well-being seminars, aimed at providing our students with the tools and resources necessary to deal with the stresses of the Leaving Cert and every day life.

Mindfulness can provide students with the tools they need to help them remain calm, sustain their attention and manage the pressures of student life effectively. Our teaching staff have reported improvements with stress management and improved participation in the classroom since the commencement of our Mindfulness programme.