Online Resources

Ashfield College’s e-learning platform, Ashfield Online, offers students a wealth of online resources which they can utilise from home or on campus, whenever and wherever suits them best. Students may avail of video lectures, class notes and other tools aimed at maximising the candidate’s examination performance. Remote access is available, and the site is password protected.

Lectures of key examination topics will be recorded and made available to students.

Leaving Certificate School

Study Manuals

Ashfield College students enjoy the benefit of comprehensive course manuals which comprise the vast majority of class notes for each individual subject. These manuals are professionally produced and updated annually. They also contain sample Leaving Certificate examination questions and solutions. These manuals relieve students of the burden of excessive note-taking, permitting teachers to take a tutorial style approach in class.

Ashfield College

Continuous Assessment

Students are assigned target grades in each of their subjects at the beginning of the academic year. Monthly assessments are carried out in each subject allowing students to review their progress with their mentor. There are official school tests in October, Christmas and Easter. 6th year students do a full Mock Leaving Certificate Examination in all subjects

5th year students sit school exams in October, Christmas, Easter and Summer.

Career Guidance Ashfield College

Career Guidance 

Our Guidance Counsellor is available on a weekly basis so that students are regularly supported and advised in subject and career choices. Advice surrounding CAO entry forms and choices as well as UCAS requirements will be available for all Day School Students.