John Winters, Ashfield College’s Principal and one of the leading teachers of Project Maths in Ireland, will deliver an intensive Leaving Cert Maths Higher course on Friday 3rd June  from  9.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. in Ashfield College, Dundrum, with all proceeds raised going directly to the Children of Russia Fund.

COURSE FEE €50  (100% of proceeds go to the Children of Russia Fund)


John has 25 years’ experience teaching Leaving Cert Maths and has taught over 250 Revision Courses. John’s approach would be to dispel any worries that a student may have in relation to ‘Project Maths’ in simple language.

The topics taught during the course will be taken from the following;


Differentiation and Integration as well as their applications will be studied. These applications will include maximising, minimising and curve sketching. The applications of integration in calculating areas, distances and averages will be studied.


Particular attention will be given to graphing trigonometry functions and looking at 3D objects.


This chapter poses a major problem for many students and has been conspicuous in it’s absence for the last couple of years. Loans, savings plans and pensions will be analysed, as well as the other applications of the topic underpinning this chapter.


Basic probability theory will be expanded on including conditional probability, Bernoulli Trials, normal distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

Considerable attention will be given to the ‘contexts and applications’ section of both papers. This is an area that tends to confuse many students.

COURSE FEE €50  (100% of proceeds go to the Children of Russia Fund)