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5th Year Programme Easter Revision Course

Running from March 29th to April 2nd 2021

Easter Revision Course

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Ashfield College delivering expert revision courses for over 40 years.
  • All courses are live and interactive.
  • All classes recorded and available on our Moodle platform afterwards.
  • Comprehensive study notes dealing with earlier parts of the Syllabus.
  • Expert advice on Exam Strategy from our specialist exam team.
  • Experienced LC examiners and revision book authors.
  • Each course is completed over 5 days.
  • Classes 75 minutes duration.
  • Notes posted in advance of course.
  • Prepare yourself for your all-important final year and give yourself an edge.

These courses supplement a student’s revision in these difficult times and complement the excellent work done by teachers and students so far for Leaving Cert 2022.

 Cost Per Subject Total Cost 
1st Subject 99 99
2nd Subject 89 188 
3rd Subject 79 267 
4th Subject 69336 
5th Subject FREE336 

*Subject To Change

 Dates March 29th to April 2nd 
8.30 – 9.45Biology
9.55 – 11.10Chemistry  
11.20 – 12.35pmBusiness
12.45pm – 14.00pmGeography
15.35pm – 16.50pmAccounting

Note we also provide 5th year classes on our grinds programme during term time in

  • Irish
  • Maths
  • English
  • French

We are not offering Junior cycle Easter revision but are offering FREE grinds online instead until the middle of May.

If you have any queries, feel free to call us in the office on 01-4904050

Here’s some feedback from those who took our Easter Revision Course last year!

“I had the privilege of attending Ashfield College as a full time student and I wanted my daughter to experience having the best teachers who give brilliant notes and point the students in the right directions” (Parent of Student who attended our Online Easter Revision Course 2020).
“Helpful, focused on topic and things were explained very well” (Student who attended our Online Easter Revision Course 2020).
“The notes were detailed and easy to understand” (Student who attended our Online Easter Revision Course 2020).
“Very helpful teachers who were willing to go back over certain topics if student needed extra help” (Student who attended our Online Easter Revision Course 2020).
“I liked that no time was wasted on on getting there and working with the best teachers” (Student who attended our Online Easter Revision Course 2020).
“Brilliant and would definitely recommend. Thank you all” (Student who attended our Online Easter Revision Course 2020

Ashfield College has a long and proud tradition of preparing students for the daunting challenge posed by the Leaving Certificate. This tradition of excellence continues to the present day with Ashfield College topping the Irish Times School League Tables across all categories;

  • No.1 School in Irish Times League tables all categories*
  • No.1 Feeder School
  • No.1 School for High Points in Ireland
  • Our Revision Course teaching team taught two of Ireland’s 13 8H1 students in Leaving Certificate 2017

*Refers to 2013 which was the last occasion when Grinds Schools were included in the Irish Times League Tables