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Ashfield College has been helping students to achieve success in their Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert exams for over forty years.

6th Year

Leaving Cert Easter Revision

Make the most of your Easter holidays, by attending our renowned Leaving Cert Easter Revision Courses.

Each student who attends any of our Leaving Cert Easter Revision Courses will receive intensive expert classroom and online tuition over the period from Tuesday 2nd April to Friday 5th April 2024. 

Students will also receive our exclusive Ashfield College Study Notes.  

As well as revising key course topics, participants will receive invaluable exam strategy tips, which can enable a student to increase by a full grade on exam day.

Why Choose Ashfield College for your Easter Revision?an 

  • The Leaving Cert Easter Revision classes will be 75 minutes each day of detailed subject content and completed over 4 days. 
  • Classes start from 8.30 a.m. to to 6.15 p.m from Tuesday, 2nd April and will run until Friday, 5th April, 2024, inclusive.
  • Ashfield College Easter Revision Courses be taught both face to face in Dundrum* and they will also be live streamed so you can access our teachers from the comfort of your own home.
  • Ashfield College Easter Revision Courses are taught by our highly experienced, expert teachers. Our teachers are subject experts, State Exam correctors and textbook authors.
  • Each course will provide you with 200 pages of our detailed Ashfield College Study Notes which you can use after the course.
  • Each teacher will also provide you with a detailed Study Plan, which will guide you in terms of how to study the subjects after the course.
  • Notes will be given to students attending in person and they will be emailed to online students in advance of the start of each course.

Please note:

  • Fees are non-transferable.
  • Face to face students will receive their notes in person in Dundrum; online students will receive their notes in advance of their course starting.
  • Timetable may be subject to change.
Fees Total
First Subject€149€149
Second subject€139€288
Third Subject€129€417
Four Subjects€99€516
Five SubjectsFREE€516
  • All courses are live and interactive.
  • All classes recorded and available on our Moodle platform afterwards.
  • Comprehensive study notes.
  • Excellent advice on Exam Strategy from our exam experts.
  • Experienced examiners and revision book authors.
  • Each course is completed over 4 days.
  • Classes 75 minutes duration.
  • Allow us to navigate you safely through each subject.
Time Day
08.30- 09.45 6th Year Maths Higher
08.30- 09.45 6th Year Maths Ordinary
09.55 – 11.10 6th Year English Higher
09.55 – 11.10 6th Year Biology Higher
11.20 – 12.35 6th Year Irish Higher
11.20 – 12.35 6th Year Accounting
12.45 – 14.00 6th Year Business
12.45 – 14.00 6th Year History
12.45 – 14.00 6th Year Applied Maths
14.10 – 15.25 6th Year Biology
14.10 – 15.25 6th Year Geography
15.35 – 16.50 6th Year Chemistry
15.35 – 16.50 6th Year Economics
17.00 – 18.15 6th Year French
17.00 – 18.15 6th Year Spanish