Monday 13th – Friday 17th April

This option is designed for students who wish to study in a more condensed manner where they attend online classes on just one of the five days listed below.

 Monday 13th  Tuesday 14th  Wednesday 15th  Thursday 16th  Friday 17th  
Subjects Business HLMaths HL Irish HL English HL Science HL

The times for these classes are as follows …

DayMonday Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday 
Time 9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45 

Again, this amounts to 5 classes each of duration 1hr 15 mins giving a total of 6hrs 15mins tuition over the course of each day. The purpose of this is to offer students more options when considering Easter study. It is also allowable for students to mix and match (i.e. study some subjects in week one and others in week two). The fees for the courses will be as follows. 

First Subject Is €99, Every Subject After Only €49

 Cost Per Subject Total Cost 
1st Subject 99 99 
2nd Subject 49 148
3rd Subject 49 197
4th Subject 49 246
5th Subject 49 295