Leaving Cert Easter Revision Courses 2020

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Our Easter Revision Course teaching team is the only one in Ireland who taught two 8H1 students in Ireland in recent Leaving Certificate exams.

We recognise just how important Easter Revision is for students who want to improve grade performance and leave nothing to chance in their Leaving Certificate preparation.

Ashfield College’s intensive exam-focused Easter Revision Courses are offered over both weeks of the Easter holidays, commencing on Monday, 6th April 2020.

Take advantage of our incredibly convenient locations, our Dundrum campus is at Dundrum Town Centre, only two minutes from Balally Luas Stop, convenient for all public transport options and close to all amenities.

Our team delivers results for students.


If booking courses from BOTH the Sequential Week Option and Block One Day Option, you will need to book over the phone to receive discounts.

If booking EITHER Sequential Week OR Block One Day courses, the discounts can be calculated through the website.

Revision Course Options

We offer different options, depending on how individual students prefer to study. Choose to attend recurring daily classes over the first week, or cover a single subject in a day-long block class during the second week.  Combine both to give yourself an extra edge in Leaving Certificate 2020.

Subject Classes

Should you choose this option you will attend the course on each of the 5 days from Monday to Friday (as per the Christmas revision course).

Each class is of duration 1hr 15mins giving a total tuition time of 6hrs 15mins. You would attend for class at the same time on each of these consecutive days. 

Monday 6th – Friday 10th April

Subject Blocks

This option is designed for students who wish to study in a more condensed manner where they attend classes on just one of the five days listed below.

If you avail of this option, then you still receive the same class tuition time but attend for one subject on one day. 

Monday 13th – Friday 17th April

There are a couple of options in certain subjects (e.g. Maths HL A and Maths HL B) in which the same content will be covered. It simply gives you greater control over which subjects you can study. 


 Cost Per Subject Total Cost 
1st Subject 245 245 
2nd Subject 95 340 
3rd Subject 95 435 
4th Subject FREE 435 
5th Subject 75 510 
6th Subject 75 585 
7th Subject 75 660 

Fees Include

Exceptional study notes written by our teachers –
many of whom are Leaving Certificate State Examiners.

Leaving Certificate School


Week One

Subject Classes – Dundrum

Monday April 6th – Friday April 10th

Subjects in sequential daily classes of 1h 15m in duration.

* To facilitate combinations of subject choices students have the option of the early class (a) or later class (b)

Time Subject LC 
 9.00 – 10.15 Maths HL A
Maths OL
English A 
 10.30 – 11.45 Maths HL B 
English B 
French A 
 12.00 – 1.15 Accounting 
Biology A 
Irish A 
 2.00 – 3.15 Physics HL 
Business HL 
Biology B 
3.30 – 4.45 Chemistry 
Irish B 
French B 

Week Two

Subject Blocks – Dundrum

Tuesday April 13th – Saturday April 17th

One full day per subject

 Monday 13th  Tuesday 14th  Wednesday 15th  Thursday 16th  Friday 17th  
Subject Maths HL 
Maths OL 
English HL Irish HL French HL 
Spanish HL 

The times for these classes are as follows… 

Time 9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45  9.00 – 4.45 

Places are Limited

Why Choose Ashfield College?

  • Our Teachers are without equal, chosen for their wealth of experience in preparing students for the Leaving Certificate exams
  • Our Teachers consistently achieve excellent results for their students.
  • Our Teachers have unique experience marking your state exam papers
  • Our Teachers have written your Leaving Cert text books
  • Our Teachers know the trends and how to exploit the marking scheme

Our Results

Ashfield College has a long and proud tradition of preparing students for the daunting challenge posed by the Leaving Certificate. This tradition of excellence continues to the present day with Ashfield College topping the Irish Times School League Tables across all categories;

  • No.1 School in Irish Times League tables all categories*
  • No.1 Feeder School
  • No.1 School for High Points in Ireland
  • Our Revision Course teaching team taught two of Ireland’s 13 8H1 students in Leaving Certificate 2017

*Refers to 2013 which was the last occasion when Grinds Schools were included in the Irish Times League Tables

About our Teachers

Ashfield College Easter Revision Courses for Leaving Cert are taught by our superb experienced teachers, in our Dublin School at our location in Dundrum.

Many of our teachers are Leaving Certificate State Examiners and have written textbooks and exam papers for their subjects. Our Easter Revision Course gives students the opportunity to supplement and enhance their studies in subjects they find to be most challenging.

We deliver a great selection of choice for our students, both in subject choices and in how you revise with us.  You can attend classes in a variety of subjects for 75 minutes each day over the course of a week (Sequential) or choose to cover a single subject in five 75 minute sessions over the course of one day (Block).

Our Course Manager

Philip Curry is our course manager for the Leaving Cert Easter Revision course. Philip has over 20 years’ teaching experience and has worked for 10 years for the State Exams Commission as a Leaving Certificate Examiner.

Philip has written for the Sunday Business Post, educational guides in  The Evening Herald, written a Leaving Certificate Revision book, A Question of Business. and contributes to Business Studies magazines.

As well being an experienced examiner, commentator and author, he is passionate about helping each student learn the skills that it takes to achieve their true potential at Business Studies.

Junior Cert Easter Revision Courses 2020

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