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Online Grinds for Junior and Leaving Cert Students

At Ashfield College, we are committed to providing exceptional education through our online grinds, ensuring every student has the opportunity to excel in their Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.

Our teachers are not just educators but passionate subject experts who inspire students to achieve their best. With years of experience and a genuine love for their subjects, they have consistently helped students achieve outstanding results in state exams.

Join us at Ashfield College and experience the difference that our dedicated teachers and comprehensive resources can make. Visit our course pages for more detailed information on our Junior Cycle,  5th Year, Leaving Cert online grinds programs.

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Our comprehensive online grinds program offers numerous benefits, including:

According to the latest Irish Times League Tables, Ashfield College is recognised as the number one university feeder school in Ireland. This table included all grind schools and private schools in Ireland. We are proud to lead in sending students to top points university courses.

Our online grinds provide increased class choices and flexible scheduling, allowing students to learn at times that suit them best.

Classes are delivered live, ensuring interactive and engaging sessions with expert teachers.

Students learn from the same highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a proven track record in preparing students for state exams.

Our renowned class notes, tailored to cover all examinable topics in depth, are integral to our students’ success.


Junior Cycle: Tailored to build a strong foundation and prepare students for the demands of the Leaving Certificate.

5th Year: Focused on reinforcing knowledge and developing critical exam skills ahead of the final year.

Leaving Certificate: Intensive preparation designed to maximise performance in state exams and secure top points.

How Our Online Grinds Work

All online grinds are delivered live, ensuring that students can interact with their teachers and peers, ask questions in real-time, and receive immediate feedback.

Our online grinds cover the entire syllabus with a focus on critical exam topics, helping students to build a deep understanding of the material and develop effective exam techniques.

Weekly, students receive bespoke class notes that include accurate solutions to past exam questions and subject-specific exam strategies.

These notes are a crucial component of our online grinds, helping students to prepare and revise effectively.


Leaving Cert Online Grinds

Live Online Weekly Leaving Cert Grinds enrolling now. Syllabus covered in one year. Ensure Leaving Cert success in 2024! 

5th Year Online Grinds

Get a head start on preparation for Leaving Certificate exams 2025 by signing up for our live and online 5th Year Grinds now enrolling.

Junior Cycle Online Grinds

Live Online Weekly Junior Cycle Grinds enrolling now. Ensure Junior Cycle success in 2024! 

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