Ashfield College Fees

We are now taking applications for the academic year starting September 2023. As part of the application process, a €950 deposit is paid at the point of booking. This €950  deposit secures a student’s place in the full-time school. It does not entitle students to attend classes.

Option 1:  Pay in Full

Total fees€7950
Deposit €950
Balance to be paid in full by 31/08/23*€7,000

Option 2:  Monthly Payment Plan

Total fees €8,200
Deposit €950

You may start paying prior to September 2023  to reduce the monthly payment. With this option, the balance (€7250) will be split over the remaining months, up to March 2024. To discuss this option, please email our Accounts Department on

*Please note: In the event of a student withdrawing after paying the deposit, for any reason, before the commencement of the school year, (Day 1 = Orientation Day), Ashfield College will refund €700 (€950 less €250 administration fee).

If the student leaves after the commencement of the academic year, (Day 1 = Orientation Day), the deposit is non-refundable.