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monthly or annual fees

FlyeFit Gym

FlyeFit Gym less than 300m from Ashfield College (Not included in the School Fee)

We actively encourage our students to look after their physical health, with FlyeFit Gym less than 300m from Ashfield College.

For competitive monthly or annual fees our students can avail of spin classes, circuit training, free weights, cardio areas and more, before and after school. We believe this helps with focus and managing stress, especially close to exam time.

Along with a range of fitness classes, full induction training on all the equipment is provided by qualified FlyeFit instructors.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We also offer students in our full-time school the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities

As well as encouraging students to develop initiative and leadership skills, extra-curricular activities allow students to discover the value of teamwork, co-operation and participation, enabling them to get the most out of school life.

Soccer Tournaments

Basketball Competitions

Calming Yoga

JAG Equestrian Showjumping Event

Music and Drama

Ice-Skating in Dundrum

Hiking the Sugar Loaf

Trip to Glendalough

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