We are delighted to say that students can join our Full Time Day School, and work with our expert teachers, safe from the comfort of home.


Ashfield College Fully Online School

Students can now enrol with Ashfield College Fully Online School* for our 5th, 6th Year and Repeat Day School programmes. Contact us at 01 490 40 50 or email us at admissions@ashfieldcollege.ie, to find out more about how this works.

*All mandatory components must be completed in school. This will be discussed in detail with the Principal at interview.

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Online Learning in Ashfield College

You can now enrol in 5th Year or 6th Year with Ashfield College regardless of where you live in Ireland or abroad*

*All mandatory components must be completed in school. This will be discussed in detail with the Principal at interview.

Join Ashfield College From Anywhere

With extensive experience in online learning, we stream all Day School classes plus all grinds classes. All classes are also recorded, so students have an extensive back catalogue or e-library of recorded classes for the duration of their time with us in Ashfield College. We also utilise Moodle as an extra resource for students, providing a platform for sharing additional learning resources to our students. In Ashfield College, we are lucky to have a Head of I.T. and a team of Support Technicians. All of our teachers have received and continue to receive training in on to team in an online environment. We ensure that all students whether online or face to face have ample opportunity to engage and interact in all classes. Online students have all the same supports as our face to face students. A blended version of our programmes is also available, whereby students can study a blended programme i.e. some classes online, some classes face to face in Dundrum. Students can enrol in our online school or online grinds.

Ashfield College teachers are highly qualified subject experts. Our teachers have extensive experience preparing students for the Leaving Certificate in their chosen specialist areas.

Our teachers are passionate and responsive to each and every student. They combine a genuine love of their subjects with a proven track-record of success in second level State Examinations.

Many of our teachers are published authors of Leaving Cert text books, while others are Leaving Cert State Examiners. Several of our teacher are also involved in teacher training at a national level.

Ashfield College’s Full Time Day School has been successfully maximising every student’s potential for over 40 years.

Home to one of only 13 students nationally who achieved  8 H1s in Leaving Certificate 2017, Ashfield College is proud of its record of educational achievement.

Whether your goal is to study Medicine or to gain a place on the perfect 3rd Level course for you, Ashfield College provides the teaching expertise and resources to support your academic and personal success.

Our Ashfield College teachers teach their classes using our superb Ashfield College Manuals. These manuals are written by our teachers specifically for use in Ashfield College only. Our manuals are updated annually in order to ensure that we reflect the most current Leaving Cert exam papers. Our manuals are professionally produced and cover the entire syllabus. Our manuals include accurate solutions to exam questions and subject-specific exam technique, all of which is vital for Leaving Cert exam success. Our manuals are not available to buy the shops and they are included in our school fees.

We pride ourselves in helping our students choose the best route to realise their ambitions. This involves working with expert teachers, making careful subject choice, rigorous study planning, and access to guidance while choosing their university course.  A very high percentage of our graduates get directly into the course of their choice.

Ashfield College’s Leaving Certificate teaching programme offers a choice of 24 subjects at Higher and Ordinary level.

Unlike many other secondary schools, timetables are designed to suit each student. This means that subject choices are unrestricted*; each student is able to study the ideal combination of subjects to suit their individual needs.

*Please note, subject availability is determined by the date at which the student registers as an Ashfield College student.

Ashfield College students will engage in a number of assessments at key points in the school year. In Ashfield College, we treat assessment as an important formative feedback mechanism as it informs students, parents and teachers on how a student is progressing in a subject. As we provide extensive feedback, assessment is also used to provide detailed guidance as to how a student can improve in each subject area. Our teachers provide detailed, specific, actionable feedback, and reports are issued for parents after each set of assessments. As we prepare students for the leaving Cert, we encourage our students not to consider assessments as something  to be scared of, but rather as incremental steps along a journey of progress in preparation for their Leaving Cert Exams. This helps us to create happy, empowered students who work consistently and safely towards both academic and personal success. Online students attend our Dundrum campus for all tests and assessments.

In Ashfield College, our students are at the heart of everything that we do. We strive to ensure that all our students are happy and consider themselves as valued members of the Ashfield school community, whether they are a face to face students, an online student or a student who accesses a blended version of our programmes.

Therefore, we provide an extensive range of both pastoral and academic supports, because it is our belief that a student needs to be happy within themselves in order for them to fully exploit the wonderful range of academic supports which we provide.

Our in-house Support Team includes one-on-one meetings with our Year Heads, our Pastoral Counsellor, our Career Guidance Counsellor and our Study Mentor. Our Support Team provides support and guidance throughout the year with an emphasis on student well-being. Throughout the academic year we also have talks, seminars, and well-being initiatives for students, including our Well-Being Month.

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You can now access the highest quality tuition provided by Ashfield College online, safe from the comfort and safety of your home. Enrol in our online school or online grinds from anywhere in Ireland or abroad.

Online Open Evening

Our Principal and members of the Ashfield College Team deliver our Ashfield College Online Open Evening.

We are very proud of our wonderful school. Our Open Evening is an excellent opportunity for us to explain how and why our school is so special.

To enquire further about our Admissions process and to obtain an Application Form, please call 01 490 40 50 or email us at admissions@ashfieldcollege.ie


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