BSc, PhD

Dr. Laura studied Physics and Physics Technology in Dublin Institute of Technology and graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree. After taking some time to travel the world, Dr. Laura returned to Dublin and began working as an assistant lecturer in the School of Physics whilst writing her PhD proposal. Having secured funding Dr. Laura began her doctoral research and was integral in the establishment of the Physics Education Research Group (PERG) in DIT. PERG were responsible for introducing and implementing innovative learning and teaching strategies such as problem-based learning within the School of Physics. Upon completion of her PhD, titled A Phenomenographic study of Introductory Physics Students: Approaches to Problem Solving and Conceptualisations of Knowledge, Laura embarked on a research fellowship with the Focus Institute within DIT.  Dr. Laura has taken a number of years leave of formal education and employment in order to raise her family and has returned to post primary teaching having developed a passion for teaching at this level.


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