B.A. French & German (Hons.) , P.G.C.E. (Hons.)

With over 20 years’ experience teaching both French & German to Leaving Certificate Level, Nicky is a dynamic and inspirational teacher of modern languages. She graduated with the highest grade ever awarded by the University of Manchester for the P.G.C.E. course. During her early years in Ashfield College, she also acted as director of T.E.F.L., where she was in charge of curriculum and teaching. In 2000, Nicky founded one of leading educational tour providers which promoted the learning of modern languages through a combination of intensive language workshops combined with adventure sports for students. During this time, she worked with countless schools from all over Ireland and her approach to language teaching and learning made her programme extremely successful in the education sector. She has also spent many years involved in teacher training and enjoys equipping new entrants to the profession with, not only the necessary pedagogic skills, but also with a passion to deliver and to engage their students fully in the modern language learning.

Nicky really helped push me to my limits, providing me with the support, confidence and motivation I needed to work hard.

Kalyan Kola Cahill, Leaving Cert