Bachelor of Religious Education and English and a Masters in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Romy graduated with a 2.1 in a Bachelor of Education in Mater Dei Institute of Education in 2016. Romy then went on and completed a Masters in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care with a 2.1 degree in 2018. She had been Pastoral Counselling and Teaching for 5 years, and then joined the team in Ashfield in 2019. As Pastoral Counsellor, Romy believes it is vital that the students always know they have someone to speak to. As a teacher, she is kind and caring, and believes through encouragement, students can ultimately reach their highest potential. At the heart of Ashfield College is the care and wellbeing of the student. We believe that the most important thing is that the student is content and happy, and that student well being and academic performance are inextricably linked. Romy’s job is to be present for the students as they journey with us through 5th and 6th year, ensuring that they can complete their studies without feeling overwhelmed or worried. It is important to us that the student, and indeed parents, always feel like they have someone that they can speak to. At the heart of Romy’s philosophy as Pastoral Counsellor is to ‘Be Present’ and ensure the student knows Romy’s door is always open to support them in whatever they need.


Undergraduate Thesis: ‘The Contribution the Pastoral Counsellor can make in the making and delivery of a Critical Incident Plan in Post Primary Schools in Ireland’