Leaving Certificate Art can be studied as a one or two year programme as a full-time day school student.

Subject Group; Artistic & Creative

The Art course for Leaving Certificate consists of two main parts. The practical side of the course is about developing the student’s artistic ability. The syllabus permits a huge number of media, from the fine arts such as sculpture, drawing, and painting, to puppet-making, embroidery, calligraphy, metalwork, and pottery. Students also study Art History.

Subject Content

The course consists of the study of a variety of aspects of Art under the following headings:

  • Observational Studies
  • Imaginative Composition and Still life
  • Design and Craftwork
  • Life Sketching
  • History and Appreciation of Art
  • Recognising implicit meanings
  • International environment

Exam Structure

The practical examination takes place over the course of a week in supervised sessions of up to five hours, during which students are to complete a project (such as a sketch or drawing) and submit it for evaluation.

The art course also features a written examination on History and Appreciation of Art, which counts for 37.5% of the marks. The exam is divided into three sections, one on Irish art, one on European art, and a final section on artistic appreciation. Diagrams and illustrative sketches are encouraged in the exam.

To discuss whether Art would be a good choice for your Leaving Certificate call 01 490 4050 and talk to one of our subject experts.

Data Source: Department of Education and Science and www.education.ie – data correct as of 27/7/2014