Leaving Cert Classical Studies can be studied as a one or two year programme, either as a full-time day school student or as an external student as an ‘extra subject’.

Subject Group; Humanities


Course commences in early September 2020 for 30 weeks.

Classical Studies takes place two evenings per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) for 90 minute classes commencing in early September 2020.

Classical Studies is concerned with the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.  It includes history, literature, art and architecture, drama and philosophy. Students who have studied Classical Studies at Junior Cycleificate level will have received a good introduction to the Greco-Roman world. However, it is by no means essential for the study of Leaving Cert Classical Studies.

Leaving Cert Classical Studies Subject Content

The course consists of the study of a variety of aspects of Classical Studies under the following headings:

  • Roman Art & Architecture
  • Alexandra the Great
  • Greek Drama
  • Ancient Epic

Exam Structure

The leaving cert exam is three hours in duration. Students are now required to answer six questions, doing at least one question from each of the four sections listed above.

To discuss whether Classical Studies  would be a good choice for your Leaving Certificate call 01 490 4050 and talk to one of our subject experts.

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