Leaving Cert German can be studied as a one or two year programme as a full-time day school student.

Leaving Cert German subject aims to bring students closer to fluency in the German language, as well as developing a good knowledge of literature, culture, geography, and national history. It builds on the knowledge acquired for the Junior certificate.

Subject Group: Humanities

Leaving Cert German and French Teacher

Teacher Profile

Nicky Dowling

BA (Hons) French & German UCD, PGCE

Subjects: French & German

Nicky is a dynamic and inspirational teacher of modern languages, who graduated with the highest grade ever achieved for the PGCE from the University of Manchester. Nicky has over 20 years’ experience teaching both French & German to Leaving Cert level, and has worked at Ashfield College since 1997. During her time at Ashfield College she was Director of TEFL, where she was in charge of curriculum and teaching. Nicky is an extremely exam-focused, practical and enthusiastic teacher who inspires her students to achieve their maximum potential in the State Exams.

Nikki really helped push me to my limits, providing me with the support, confidence and motivation I needed to work hard.

Kalyan Kola Cahill, Leaving Cert

I thought Nikki was a great teacher as her notes simplified German grammar and made it significantly easier to understand.

Marianna Watchorn, Leaving Cert

Leaving Cert German Subject Content

The course consists of the study of a variety of aspects of German under the following headings:

  • Oral
  • Aural
  • Written
  • Reading
  • Cover a variety of themes such as the family, school, hobbies, sport

Leaving Cert German Exam Structure

The marks for the Leaving Cert Higher Level Exam are as follows 25% oral, listening comprehension 20%, reading comprehension 30% and writing 25%.

The ordinary level is 20% oral, 25% listening comprehension, reading comprehension 40% and writing 15%.

To discuss whether German would be a good choice for your Leaving Certificate call 01 490 4050 and talk to one of our subject experts.

Data Source: Department of Education and Science and www.education.ie – data correct as of 27/7/2014