Leaving Certificate Religion can be studied as a one or two year programme as a full-time day school student.

Subject Group; Social

Religious education calls for the exploration of issues such as meaning and value, the nature of morality, the development of diversity and belief, the principles of a just society, and the implications of scientific progress.

Subject Content

The course consists of the study of a variety of aspects of Religion under the following headings;

  • Christianity
  • The Search for Meaning & Values
  • World Religions
  • Religion & Gender
  • Moral Decision making
  • Sacred Texts

Exam Structure

The Leaving Cert exam is 2.5 hours in duration. Students must answer 4 essay style questions from all aspects of the course with little to no choice.

To discuss whether Religion would be a good choice for your Leaving Certificate call 01 490 4050 and talk to one of our subject experts.