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Three Year Leaving Cert Programme

Applications for the 2021-22 Academic Year are now open

Why choose Ashfield College

For a Three Year Leaving Cert Programme?

A solid foundation is essential for a successful Leaving Certificate.

For this reason, some students choose to undertake a three year Leaving Cert programme. This allows students extra time to progress steadily towards their final exams in 6th Year. This programme also affords students an opportunity to trial various subjects and work with our extensive Support Team in order to explore various career options.

For more information about our Three Year Programme please contact us. Alternatively, call us 01 490 40 50 or email us at admissions@ashfieldcollege.ie and speak to one of our Academic Advisors.

Our Ashfield College Virtual Open Evening is delivered by our Principal and members of the Ashfield College Team.

We are very proud of our wonderful school. Our Virtual Open Evening is a great opportunity for us to explain how and why our school is so special.

The evening is a great opportunity to find out more about our Day School and how our Application and Interview process works. We hope that you can join us!

We are currently accepting applications for our Day School for 5th Year and 6th Year 2021.

To enquire further about our Admissions process and to obtain an Application Form, please talk to our College Manager Kayla by calling 01 490 40 50 or emailing Kayla at admissions@ashfieldcollege.ie.

Choosing the right combination of subjects is the key to opening up opportunities at 3rd level and in your future career. We offer a wide choice of subjects and we build our timetable around you, our students, which means that you get to choose your ideal combination of subjects. We will ensure that the subjects you choose will offer you the maximum potential points and fulfil the metrication requirements of 3rd level education.

Students have an unrivalled choice of subjects because, unlike most other schools, we build our timetable around the student. 5th Year students may choose from 24 subjects offered at Higher and Ordinary level:

Agricultural Science
Applied Maths
Business Studies
Classical Studies
Design & Communication Graphics (DC&G)
Home Economics

Our Ashfield College teachers teach their classes using our superb Ashfield College Manuals. These manuals are written by our teachers specifically for use in Ashfield College only. Our manuals are updated annually in order to ensure that we reflect the most current Leaving Cert exam papers. Our manuals are professionally produced and cover the entire syllabus. Our manuals include accurate solutions to exam questions and subject-specific exam technique, all of which is vital for Leaving Cert exam success. Our manuals are not available to buy the shops and they are included in our school fees.

With extensive experience in online learning, we stream all Day School classes plus all grinds classes. All classes are also recorded, so students have an extensive back catalogue or e-library of recorded classes for the duration of their time with us in Ashfield College. We also utilise Moodle as an extra resource for students, providing a platform for sharing additional learning resources to our students. In Ashfield College, we are lucky to have a Head of I.T. and a team of Support Technicians. All of our teachers have received and continue to receive training in on to team in an online environment. We ensure that all students whether online or face to face have ample opportunity to engage and interact in all classes.

In Ashfield College, we are keen to ensure that students are supported both pastorally and academically. Below are some of the Support personnel available to all students.

Student Guidance & Wellbeing >>

5th Year students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities designed to develop new friendships, leadership skills and to promote teamwork and a sense of community. Activities 5th year students have enjoyed include careers talks from leading industry figures,  5-a-side soccer, trips to the theatre, cinema and art galleries, hiking, ice-skating and the annual 5th year excursion.

For more information about our 5th  Year Programme please contact us. Alternatively, call us 01 490 40 50 or email us at admissions@ashfieldcollege.ie and speak to one of our Academic Advisors.

Ashfield College teachers are highly qualified subject experts. Our teachers have extensive experience preparing students for the Leaving Certificate in their chosen specialist areas.

Our teachers are passionate and responsive to each and every student. They combine a genuine love of their subjects with a proven track-record of success in second level State Examinations.

Many of our teachers are published authors of Leaving Cert text books, while others are Leaving Cert State Examiners. Several of our teacher are also involved in teacher training at a national level.

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